4 Most Common Types of Junk as per the Junk Removal Company

How Are Junks Being Classified?

Junk can be broken down into different categories, and can be broken down further into various subcategories. Junk is a term used to describe various everyday items; however, it is not just limited to that. There are different classifications of junk and they can be easily categorized depending on their material, weight, and value. Some of them are organic or natural, but they are still classified as junk. You will know them when your junk removal company picks them up.

Here are different types of junk.

Electrical and Electronic Junk

These are the wires that are still attached to the electrical parts. Some of them are already cut, but some of them are still connected. You cannot use them anymore, so you need to have them junked or recycled. They are also made up of various cables, light fixtures, old electrical appliances, and other related items.

Common Junk

This junk can be easily found in almost every household and it is one of the most common classifications of junk. It is commonly made up of various everyday items such as packing peanuts, plastic wraps, and empty boxes. There is also a lot of paperwork that can be found in this type of junk and it is classified as both trash and junk.

Metal Junk

Metal junk usually refers to various types of scrap metal and can include old and unused appliances, old doors, and old windows. This is another common type of junk found in most homes; however, it is not as common as the common junk category.

Construction Junk

Construction junk can include materials such as concrete, bricks, and mortar. This junk is often used in construction and it is not recommended to be recycled due to its filthiness.

There are many other types of junk but these are some of the most common ones. They can range from being easy to differentiate to slightly challenging. If you want to make sure which category an item falls into, you can hire our team in Boston, MA. We are a junk removal company that offers junk services. Rivas Rubbish Removal can be reached through (781) 244-7661.

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