Debris Removal Myths

Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths

Most homeowners today are looking for a more cost-effective way to get rid of their household junk. While debris removal companies provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, many homeowners overlook hiring them due to the misconceptions associated with their pricing, services, and disposal methods, to name but a few.

So we have decided to separate fact from fiction and help you reap benefit from the services of a junk removal expert, and will debunk 3 of the most widely believed myths surrounding junk removal.

Myth 1: Junk removal is expensive

This myth is around due to the BIG corporate companies charging through the nose. They have business models and pricing structures that are unfair to customers.

Myth 2: All junk ends up in the landfills

This myth is around because a great many removal companies do not put any priority on recycling and donation. However, there are several companies that categorize and dispose of junk in the appropriate manner, thus disproving this myth.

Myth 3: All junk removal companies charge the same prices

This myth is still around because people tend to contact top-ranked companies, which, obviously have higher overheads and rates. Try the smaller companies, as they have something to prove, and their overheads are not as great. You may also find that the level of service you receive is surprisingly better.

Removing junk from your home helps to clear up space, thus making rooms tidier, and improving the overall mood and well-being of the household. However, cleaning the clutter can be a tiring process, and many people are too overwhelmed on where to even begin. To alleviate this, a junk removal company can clear any unwanted items, and separate the waste on your behalf.

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